Community Building

Team United

A core component of our organization is a focus on community building using basketball as the common thread that links a diverse group of student-athletes throughout Harlem and the rest of New York City.  Serving as a vehicle for intergroup diversity, our community program is comprised of young males from different schools, neighborhoods, and backgrounds who come together to practice weekly and play in local New York and New Jersey tournaments.  Following the Positive Coaching Alliance model, the players develop their basketball

skills, along with leadership and character development.

Mentoring Program

Part of our community building initiative involves the multi-

level mentoring program that we use, where we have our high-school scholar athletes mentor and tutor the younger student athletes. Following in this model, we also provide mentoring and coach training for young adults in Harlem who are looking for a career in basketball and youth empowerment. These young men are mentored and paired with a senior Harlem United coach and sent to clinics and workshops on leadership, positive coaching and education.


Global Initiatives

Just as basketball serves as a bridge to bring diverse young people together across New York City, we are partnered with a number of international programs such as the SEED project in Senegal and other organizations in Paris, France and South Africa.  These partnerships include fundraising efforts and international exchange trips, where Harlem youth visit the basketball academies in other countries. 




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