Basketball Development


We provide basketball training and development through open gyms, intensive workouts and team practices. Our scholar athletes participate in L.A.C.E.S., which uses lessons learned on the basketball court to emphasize leadership, accountability, character, excellence, and strength. Basketball also opens doors for our scholar-athletes by providing better academic opportunities and scholarships to prep and private schools.

Prep SCHOOL Prep


We provide academic enrichment programs, group tutoring and academic support including mandatory weekly sessions, as well as individualized assistance to apply to private preparatory academies, or higher-performing public school. This includes filling out applications, school visits, interview preparation and test preparation classes.


College Bound


The academic support continues for all scholar-athletes to help each one achieve a college scholarship.  We ensure our scholar-athletes are performing at a high level in their schools, and provide workshops and individual assistance with college exposure events, SAT/ACT preparation and college counseling. 


Summer Institute

We offer educational programming and mentoring to elementary and middle school scholar athletes year round.  It consists of exposure to a wide range of experiences that they may not normally have the opportunity for such as museum visits, cultural events and day visits to different career sites.  Our older scholar athletes serve as peer mentors and counselors, which leads to positive outcomes for all involved.  We provide reward incentives to our scholar athlete participants and stipends to our scholar-athletes counselors.





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