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Our Impact

Our scholar athletes are encouraged and pushed to excel academically. Additionally, their love for and dedication to basketball opens doors to better academic opportunities, preparatory schools scholarships, and university scholarships. The lessons they learn on the basketball court and through the peer
mentoring program emphasize leadership, accountability, character, excellence, and strength.

“After four years of tutoring, I have found that teaching and tutoring others has
developed me as a person. It has been amazing watching these kids mature in
their studies and individual lives.”

- Harlem United Tutor


We have helped send the following scholar athletes to school on Scholarship

Kyle Allman — Cal State Fullerton

Drew Billingsley — Hood College

Clay Bolster — Colby College

Luke Bolster — Columbia University

Nehemiah Boone — North Eastern Oklahoma A&M

Bryshon Bryant — Northern Oklahoma College

Chris Childs — Bryant Universty

Jordan Cintron — Longwood University

Dante Conley — Emory University

Tyshaun Copper — Western New Mexico University

Tyrone Foster — Western Wyoming Community College

Malik Harvey — St. Lawrence University

Chancey Hawkins — St.Francis (NY)

Ricky Hicks — Richard Bland College

Oumara Hydara — Niagara Community College

Ronald Jefferson —Lycoming College

Dante Jordan — Alfred State University

Alonde Legrand — North Florida University 
Nyke McCombs — Iona College

D’Andre McLamb — Midland College

Brian Moore Jr. — North Eastern Oklahoma A&M College

Demond Parker — Nassau Community College
Myles Patten — North Carolina A&T

Tim Thomas — Flager College

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